Virtual Terminal

Simple and easy to setup

A Simple and Secure Way to Accept Card Payments over the Phone or by email. No Integration Required, All You Need is a Browser

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Telephone mail order payment systems, also known as telephone order (TO) systems, enable businesses to accept payments over the phone. Businesses that sell goods or services over the phone, such as catalogue or mail order companies, typically use this type of system. Customers can place an order over the phone by calling the company and providing their payment information. After that, the company processes the payment and ships the goods or services to the customer. TO systems are a convenient and efficient way for businesses to process payments and handle orders, particularly for customers who do not have internet access or prefer to place orders over the phone.

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Low fees, Free Fast Payments, No hidden charges

Take your business to the next level

  Easy Set Up

  Low Charges

  24/7 Customer Service

  Works with Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi

  Simple to set up and use

  Better for your customers, too


All major payment methods are accepted

Accept card payments quickly and easily

Auto-validate card details as you type

Schedule payments while processing the initial transaction

See all your transaction information in a single dashboard

Securely store customer info and card details for later

Search, update and create new transactions quickly

Combat fraudulent transactions with 30+ available checks

Grant multi-user access with full user audit trails

Begin accepting payments right away.

Accept payments as soon as possible. Get paid quickly.